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Do I need to book in advance?

It is better, especially if you come during the holidays (21 december to 5 january, 8 february to 1st of may,…). The earlier you book, more choices you will get.

How to evaluate the level as you subscribe?

You may already possess an official notebook from the Ski School with the actual level of your child written inside.
An online page is available here with videos concerning ski and snowboard’s levels and their international equivalences.
Please feel free to contact us  if needed!

How to choose between collective and private lessons?

Some people feel more motivated in a group while others feel more confident alone with their particular instructor.

It also depends on your budget and the dates of the collective lessons.

How can I book?

Here are the different ways of booking you can use:

  • By phone or directly at our office, last-minute booking possible (subject to availability)
  • By email, at least 24 hours in advance
  • Online, at least 48 hours in advance.

Phone number: +41 24 490 24 34
Email: Info@essgryon.ch – Contact
Online booking



Do I need a skipass?

  • If you stay in the beginner slope in Frience, located in the “Alpe des Chaux” area, it is free for everybody.
  • If you ski in Gryon or Bretaye, every person will need a skipass except children under 6 years old.

Please note that children under 6 years old can ski for free yet they still need to use a magnetic card for the installations. (5 CHF)
More informations on the  TVGD website

Is the equipment provided?

NO. You should arrive with your own material, according to the lesson you have chosen.  For biathlon, laser rifle are provided.

Does my kid need ski poles?

Ski poles are recommended. For collective lessons, please ask to to the instructor at the first lessons if ski poles are necessary or not.

Will there be snow during my stay?

Of course! The ski domain is widely provided with snow canons and the Ski School Gryon does everything possible to carry on with the courses in any situation.

Is the lesson maintained in case of snowy or rainy weather?

YES! Your instructor is waiting for you in any weather conditions. Weather conditions will never lead to cancel lessons.

Do the prices mentioned include an insurance?

No, every person must have his own accident insurance!

How many hours should I take lessons in order to be able to ski?

It will depend on your evolution, your motivation and your physical condition.

At which age can we start skiing?

From 3 years old for a first contact with the ski, but progresses will be limited. It will depend on the development of the child. There are some days easier than other. Please, don’t force your kid to ski. It may be better to wait until he gets older, he will then be able to progress faster. 

At which age can we start snowboarding?

From 8 years old for a kid that is already used to practice skiing. Under this age, children do not have enough muscles. Learning to snowboard is hard even for an adult. A child that is too young may be driven out of this sport before to progress enough to enjoy it. 

Where do I meet with my instructor?

For private and collective lessons in Gryon, we meet in front of our office, which is across the arrival of the Gryon-Les Chaux gondola.

For courses taking place in Frience, we meet at the bottom of the “covered magic carpet”

Comment rejoindre l'école de ski?

L’Ecole de ski de Gryon se situe aux “Chaux” à 50 mètres de l’arrivée du télécabine de Barboleuse-Les Chaux.

Accès par le télécabine de Barboleuse-Les Chaux.

Accès par “l’Alpe Des Chaux” via le téléski des Fracherets.

Plan d’accès

Puis-je assister aux cours de mon enfant ?

NON. Faites confiance au moniteur 😉

Cependant il existe une formule “Spécial famille” pour profiter du moniteur avec votre famille.

Quels sont les moyens de règlement acceptés par l’ESS ?

Vous avez la possibilité d’effectuer le paiement grâce aux différents moyens cités ci-dessous :

  • Par facture PayPal
  • Carte bancaire Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Postcard
  • Espèce
  • Bon cadeau

Sur demande:

  • Par facture pour les résidents suisses
  • Par virement bancaire

Quand dois-je payer pour mes leçons ?

Les leçons sont encaissées à la réservation. Les réservations sont confirmées une fois le paiement effectué.

Mes enfants du même niveau seront-ils dans le même groupe ?

OUI au début de la semaine, ensuite si la progression est identique…

Quand ont lieu les évaluations de fin d'apprentissage ?

Les enfants inscrits aux cours collectifs ayant suivi les 5 jours de leçon sont évalués tout au long de la semaine. La remise des médailles se fait le vendredi.
Pour les cours privés, l’évaluation se fait quand le niveau est suffisant….

La médaille est-elle incluse dans la prestation ?

OUI. A partir de 5 jours de cours collectifs.  En-dessous le test & la médaille sont facturés 10 CHF si l’élève a le niveau suffisant.

Can we modifiy or cancel booking?

Booking is confirmed once payment is validated. Any booking may be cancelled or modified free of charge up to 7 days prior to the start of the lessons. Any modification or cancellation less than 7 days and up to 48 hours prior the start of the lessons is subject to payment of CHF 40.00 fees. Any modification or cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the start of the lessons without medical certificate is subject to 100% payment of the total cost.