Ecole Suisse de Ski et Snowboard de Gryon!

Your Ski/Snowboard level

Your Ski/Snowboard level

The League in detail

Determine the level of skiing or snowboarding in order to register in the most suitable level.

In the “Swiss Snow League” notebook it is indicated at the bottom of the page if the level is passed. You can then register for the next level.


  • The story of Snowli
  • Getting to know the skis and the snow
  • Walking, climbing uphill (turning around)
  • Skiing in the fall line with skis parallel and braking
  • First changes of direction from the fall line

The Gryon Swiss Ski School’s snow garden is specially designed for children aged 3 to 6. By learning to ski in complete safety, your child will develop through play and fun. Adapted facilities and professional supervision secure children’s first glides.

  • Equipment
  • Climbing uphill by side stepping and herringbone (scissor) stepping
  • Gliding and braking with the snow plough
  • Skiing with skis parallel with steps and tricks
  • Turning snow plough turns (wedge turns)

Le niveau Prince/Princesse bleu est adapté au débutant à partir de 6 ans.

  • Safe use of lifts
  • Traversing and tricks
  • Side-slipping
  • Skiing with skis parallel over easy bumps and jumps
  • Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on an easy blue slope
  • Behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)
  • Turning in a miniature slalom jungle and in a set course
  • Skiing over bumps and dips
  • Skiing backwards (switch) with skis in a V shape with change of direction
  • Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on a versatile blue run
  • Warming up
  • Braking with skis parallel
  • Turning steps on an easy slope
  • Waltzing
  • Skidded parallel turns
  • Behaviour in the snowpark
  • Short turns on an easy slope
  • Skating step on the flat terrain
  • Basic Air (small kicker)
  • Parallel turns with various radius
  • Nature, forest and the environment
  • Parallel turns through a corridor of slalom gates and in a set course
  • Skidded parallel turns backwards (switch)
  • Single ski turns on an easy slope
  • Short turns on an intermediate slope
  • Preparation of equipment
  • Short turns with pole planting on an difficult slope
  • Jumps: Straights and fifty/fifty over box
  • Parallel turns off-piste
  • Carved parallel turns on a wide, easy slope

Ski Race – Ski Freestyle – Ski Freeride – Safety – Airs – Freeride



  • Behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)
  • Edging in the traverse
  • Edging to fullbase riding
  • Using the T-bar lift
  • Skidded turns

Le snowboard demande une musculature et une concentration suffisante. L’age minimum conseillée est de 8 ans. Faire du ski avec un niveaux correcte est un vrais plus.

  • Warming up
  • Turns using rotation techniques
  • Waltzing
  • Wheelie
  • Jumping with both feet in the air on a slope
  • Behaviour in the snowpark
  • Riding Switch
  • Speed check
  • Fifty/Fifty on an easy box
  • Hitting small jumps
  • Small Freestyle glossary
  • Turns using stretching and bending techniques
  • Powerslide
  • Ollie/N´Ollie on the slope
  • 180° on the slope
  • Nature, forest and the environment
  • Carved turns
  • Slide on the slope
  • Ollie/N´Ollie 180° on the slope
  • Basic Air
  • Swiss Snow Academy
  • Riding off-piste
  • Frontside Noseturn
  • Backside boardslide on a box
  • Straight Air

Snowboard Race & Carving – Freestyle – Freeride – Safety – Airs


Equivalence des Niveaux

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